Things that i’m probably busy with right now. Last updated November 2018.

  • I work as a freelance creative coder, mostly in the art, culture and media sector.
  • I gave a course on data science fundamentals with Python for a new master that started this autumn at the University for Applied Sciences in Utrecht.
  • I’m preparing to travel Latin America in January and February 2019.
  • I write a biweekly newsletter (in Dutch) called De Circulaire which features links, cat gifs and anything else that amuses and interests me.
  • I occasionally work together with my friends at Hackastory (a startup i co-founded). We’re re-inventing journalism by organising hackathons and other awesome events.
  • I occasionally edit and give lectures about Wikipedia and Wikidata, the most wonderful resources of free knowledge on the planet.
  • Living in Amsterdam (that’s the capital of the Netherlands). Like it here a lot.

Also see the about section and some of my work.

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