A list of tools and projects i have worked on that are not big enough to have their own page, but i do want to list them somewhere so that i don’t lose track of them.



  • Depictor – Add structured data statements to Wikimedia Commons using a game-like interface.
  • Generator Generator – Create your own text-based generators.
  • Markovmachine – See how a Markov chain works behind the scenes.
  • MSN Messenger XML import – To read your old cringy MSN Messenger chat logs. Features a CSV and JSON export option.
  • Query Dashboard – Create dashboards containing statistics from Wikidata SPARQL queries.
  • StemWijzerWijzer – A ridiculous quiz to find the best ‘Stemwijzer’ for the 2021 Dutch elections.
  • Woordkennis – Check if a word in the Dutch language is known with people from the Netherlands and Belgium.


  • Rare Tijden – Puts the sentence ‘Het zijn rare tijden’ (We’re living in weird times) before every news article on major Dutch and Flemish news sites.


  • Cinemadam – A prototype created during the HackaLOD 2018 showing the historic cinemas and programs in Amsterdam, based on the data of Cinema Context.
  • Dataknead – Python library and command line utility for fluent conversion between data formats like JSON, XML and CSV.
  • Facetool – Command line utility to manipulate, recognize and detect faces in videos and images, written in Python.


  • Nagfree – A Chrome extension that makes sites less irritating.
  • Valenski – Lightweight set of SASS mixins, classes, resets and values that simplify your workflow.


  • Chantek – An unaspiring read-only HTTP API server written in Python 3.