Through the covid crisis in 21 steps

Walk through the pandemic, day by day

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Something struck me. During conversations i noticed that it was unclear when certain things happened during the covid pandemic. When did the schools close? What were the measures during Christmas 2020? When did facemasks became mandatory in shops? And when could we take them off?

That’s why I started to investigate. I made a spreadsheet with the most important covid measures in the Netherlands since March 2020. I focused on measures with the biggest social consequences. So i included the introduction of the curfew, but not general hygiene measures such as washing hands.

I converted the spreadsheet into a website where you can see what the covid-situation was like at a certain point in time. And how measures worked out for a specific sector (e.g., restaurants or schools). I divided the timeframe into 21 distinctive ‘steps’ that highlighted when important measures were added or removed.

And in this way ‘Through the covid crisis in 21 steps’ was born.