The Hunt for the Missing Cat GIFs

Puzzle your way to the missing cat GIFs in a text adventure

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On March 4, 2024, my newsletter, De Circulaire, marked a significant milestone: its 200th issue. In celebration, I decided to create something that harks back to the golden age of gaming. I created a nostalgic text adventure reminiscent of classics like Leisure Suit Larry and Zork, titled “De jacht op de verdwenen kattengifjes” (“The Hunt for the Missing Cat GIFs”).

Cat GIFs, a staple and beloved feature of De Circulaire, play a central role in this adventure. The game’s narrative unfolds around the quest to recover three lost cat GIFs, setting players on a journey through Amsterdam. Players engage with characters and solve puzzles to advance the story.

In the first two weeks following its release, the game attracted around 500 players, with 24 solving the mystery and one fortunate individual winning a prize.

This project was built entirely from the ground up without the aid of pre-existing game development frameworks. I designed the game mechanics and story, and also took on the roles of composer and graphic designer, with a little assistance from ChatGPT, to bring this adventure to life.