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In The Self Design Academy, a joint initiative of MU Eindhoven and Image Society, 18 artists and designers together with the visitors investigate how we can define, understand and design ourselves. Inspired by Mieke Gerritzen’s book Help Your Self, about the ever-increasing popularity of the self-help industry. This investigation is done both offline and online. Offline, in an exhibition from September 18th until November 22nd 2020. Online, on a website I developed together with designer Brigitte Jansen.

We translated the physical design, where curtains played a big role, to the digital realm. On the website, items can scroll either under or over transparent curtains, to give the digital visitor a sense of what the physical exhibition is like.

The bilingual (Dutch and English) website was developed using the WordPress CMS with a custom theme built from scratch. No WordPress plugins were used for this website.