Celebrating the new year with art and sound

De Heg (“The Hedge”) is a transformative art initiative by Naomi Jansen, repurposing a former parking space at the Marineterrein into Amsterdam’s tiniest art gallery and performance venue. Here, Jansen invites local talents to create site-specific artworks and installations.

In January 2024, I contributed to De Heg with the “wish hedge,” inspired by the tradition of the wish tree. This hedge was adorned with 100 Christmas bells, each attached to a QR code. Visitors were invited to scan these codes, leading them to a digital platform where they could share their hopes for the New Year, echoing one of my earlier works: Confession Relay (2011, 2022).

On January 27th, I concluded the project with a live performance set within De Heg, where I played back 27 of the submitted wishes, set against a backdrop of soothing ambient sounds.

A version of the performance’s music is available for listening online, with the wishes omitted to maintain the privacy of those who shared them.

Photo of the performance by Kiran Aluvihare.