Wikipedian in Residence

Connecting the National Library and Archive to the free encyclopedia.

In October 2013 i was hired as the first Dutch Wikipedian in Residence for the National Library (Nationaal Archief). My job was to connect the community of the largest work of reference in the world to the curators, archivists and librarians of the KB and NA.

During my one-year, part-time tenure, amongst other things i:

  • Gave 10 Wikipedia workshops to over 120 people. They made more than 500 edits on the Dutch and English Wikipedia.
  • Gave more than 6 lectures for various organizations, including the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Dutch Wikimedia Conference, and the Wikimaps project in Helsinki (Finland).
  • Uploaded sets of media to Wikimedia Commons, including an image donation of more than 2.600 images about the Dutch colonial history from the Atlas of Mutual Heritage.
  • Developed a set of online tools for various purposes.


Photos by Sebastiaan ter Burg / CC-BY