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Stapes 0.5.1 released

I’ve just released version 0.5.1 of Stapes.js, my tiny Javascript MVC framework. This is a minor bugfix release, mostly because of a bug that would break events in submodules. If you’re using 0.5, please upgrade to 0.5.1. No API changes are present in this release.

The only other change concerns the scoping of private utility methods in the Stapes object. These methods couldn’t be reached from outside the object, which makes it difficult to write plugins that alter the basic functionality of Stapes. I’ve moved all those methods to a single subobject in the Stapes object called Stapes._ (yes, just an underscore).

So if you would, for example, like to change the way Stapes creates submodules you could overwrite the Stapes._.createModule method. These methods aren’t documented, so you should take a look at the source.

As always, comments and patches are very welcome.

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