Open source software

A list of free/open-source software i wrote

I’ve written quite a lot of open source/free software over the years. This is an incomplete list with links to code repositories and/or documentation.

  • chantek – an unaspiring read-only HTTP API REST server written in Python
  • VizQuery – tool to visually query Wikidata
  • dataknead – an intuitive Python 3 library for processing and converting text-based data formats like JSON and CSV.
  • valenski – a lightweight set of SASS mixins, classes, resets and values that simplify your web development workflow
  • nagfree – a Chrome extension that’s a non-configurable variation of Greasemonkey: makes a few sites a little better
  • markov – a PHP markov chain generator. Try it here.
  • stapes – a Javascript microframework that does class creation, custom events and data methods.
  • Sum of all Knowledge – a project to visualize the knowledge getting added to Wikidata, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. Site here.
  • fittimer – A webapp for training workouts
  • hartool – Do things with HAR archives, like extract all files
  • remonik – Fancy batch rename utility
  • wikilope – Do queries on the connections between Wikipedia articles, like getting to philosophy
  • wiki-text-nlp – Extract ‘Did you know?’ facts from Wikipedia articles using natural language processing

More code i wrote is available on Github.