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PHP Markov chain generator


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If you think that sounds like gibberish, you’re right. But it is a pretty interesting type of gibberish because it is generated by a Markov chain. A Markov chain (if i describe this correctly, i’m not a mathematician or very good in logic) is an algorithm that makes its next state dependent on the previous one. For example, let’s say you have a text, such as Alice in Wonderland (that’s what the text above is based on). You could scan the whole text, and then look at how many times letters follow each other and make a table of that. E.g., the letter N probably follows the letter A more often than the letter Q.

After making such a table and start with a random letter, and then make a random weighted decision on the basis of how many times other letters usually follow, you get a text that quite closely resembles the original text, but takes apart all of its original context, resulting in the gibberish you read above.

It’s quite interesting to program such a markov text generator yourself, so i did exactly that with my PHP Markov chain generator. You can either input the starting text yourself (make sure to make it pretty long for best effect) or select one of the pre-selected texts such as Alice in Wonderland, the Wikipedia article on Calvin and Hobbes or Immanuel Kant’s Critique of pure reason (the last one becomes even more incomphrensible than it already was, can you imagine that?).

For your own experimentation you can get the source here. If you want you can include the generator in your own projects, the sources are released under the MIT open source license.

If you want to know more about Markov chains, be sure to read this article by Jeff Atwood, he explains the whole thing a lot better than i can.

And for your amusement, here’s another Markov generated piece, from Kant’s Critique of pure reason:

Thus common upon nothing that is, is deceptive infinite or as I am free in its or power to the continuous vacillationes demand explanation to this time-determines which they are given therefore necessary in itself respect none those a priori with a possible men course, and determission. Today its merely the conceiving the world in space is finite, neither in the support.

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