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The Twol: now available as a terminal (cli) command


I wrote a little shell script that enables you to query The Twol (you know, my little pet project that provides instant information on lots of things) from the terminal (command line interface).

So, now you can do stuff like:

» Translate sentences from English to German (and many other languages)
twol translate en de I would really like a nice cold beer

» Get the weather for virtually any city in the world
twol weather St. Petersburg, Russia

» Check if a Twitter username is still free
twol twitterusernamefree stevejobs

Right from the command line (under Mac OS X and Linux at least :)

You need PHP to run the script. In Mac OS X that’s included out of the box, under Linux you might need to install php5-cli or another package with a similiar name.

Then you can simply:

Photo credit: *n3wjack (CC-BY-SA)

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