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A simple Greasemonkey / Userscript to remove all Google Plus UI

If you recently tried reading a Google Plus post without having an account you’ve probably seen something very similar to this:

Lots of UI that you don’t use. And most of it is ‘fixed’ to the screen, so when you’re reading the post most of your screen is filled with useless buttons like ‘Join Google Plus’.

I’ve written a really simple and basic Userscript to remove most of this UI.

If you’re using Chrome:

  1. Right click on this link and select ‘Save link as’, save it to the Desktop
  2. Open up the ‘Extensions’ window (Window –> Extension)
  3. Drag up the file into the window and select “Add” on the pop-up.
Refresh the Google Plus page you were viewing and voila, no more useless stuff:


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