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Stapes 0.6 is out

Version 0.6 of Stapes.js, my tiny MVC Javascript library has been released.

Thanks to people submitting issues many of the changes are straight from the small but vocal Stapes community :)

New features include:

One change that might be a bit controversial is the removal of the whole Stapes.util module, with lots of Underscore.js-like methods. These were initially added in 0.4, but i’ve come to the conclusion that they’re not needed. The focus of Stapes should be on simplicity and on ‘do one thing and do it well‘. The utility methods are widely available in other libraries (like Underscore), many of them are also available in ES5-compatible browsers (such as and Function.prototype.bind.

If you have old code that depends on Stapes.util you might find the compatibility plugin useful.

If this is the first time you’re trying out Stapes, why not build a todo app in less than 100 lines of code?.

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